Forex family Mentors

Our Mentor-ship Programs

Evaluate your financial intelligence through a step by step online process. Our programs are presented in differing tiers and caters to both the beginners and seasoned financiers. We take innovative financial strategies and make them easy to understand and implement by diluting a mountain of information into a manageable set of key strategies, essential risk management procedures and excellent support services.

Broker of Choice

The Forex Family uses The Traders Domain as it’s broker of choice. Please click on the photo to visit the site to learn about the great features of this brokerage.

Learn From the Professionals


Advanced Institutional Forex Training

Institutional Insight into how market makers move price action through technical analysis as well as economic fundamental data


Daily Community Forum Updates

our website forum is updated daily,weekly,monthly and yearly cover all aspects of the foreign exchange market and what the newest piece of important data you may need to increase your edge in the markets


Live One-on-One Educational Mentorship

live one-on-one webinars with our top performing and experienced traders and analysts who help educate you on the ways that the market moves and what important factors will be needed in your trading strategy


Website chatrooms with 5/6/7 Figure Traders

our private members chat-room is full of our top traders and analysts that cover hourly and daily important market information to give each member better info on making the best decisions


Private Invites to Our various Webinars

our members are more of a family and we share all of our trading insight and experiences together to build each other up as a community. we have many weekly and monthly webinars and calls that all of our members are welcome to attend.


Vast inventory of Recorded Material to Study From

10'S Of 1000'S of dollars worth of material that has helped our traders and leadership team to get to the levels that they are each at. you will have access to all the material that helped our members reach 6 And 7 figures as well as material we have recorded that has filtered all the best information we have learned over the years into quality content you can study from