Alex's Mentorship

Ideal Experiance Level Requirements

The below levels are based on what content this mentor teaches, the bars below are based on what type of content this mentor will be teaching in their programs:

Therefore a student can be anywhere from a Novice to Expert to join this mentors programs (subject to changed based on mentor).

Why Mentor?

If I am so successful why am I doing this mentoring?.....a question I receive a lot. The simple truth is that the internet is filled with various Forex marketers and "scams" that are trying to take your money. Whether it is through one program or another. I have been transparent and open with anyone I have spoken to about Forex.

Many people have asked for mentoring and training so I decided to mentor. You can take advantage and learn from someone who can explain concepts and provide a straight forward education plan that is clear and concise. I don't market MLM forex, I don't recruit, it's straight trading. Everyday.

You have access to myself at anytime to answer questions and to work on any aspect of Forex you want to go through. Being a mentor means being accessible and patient to guide you.

In the end I make one promise. I will work work as hard, if not harder than you, for you.

ALEX - Forex Family Mentor

My name is Alex Kirui, I come from Nairobi Kenya, I started forex trading since 2014, I started off with binary options then moved to forex, I have been in the forex family since 2016 and it has made me level up to the kind of trader that I am today.

I’m a purely technical trader, my style being supply and demand trading, with little consideration to the fundamental aspect of trading because as we all know news always get factored in the market and so forth.

Alex Kirui

Professional Mentorship


  • access to professional traders
  • like minded members
  • fastest response rate
  • quickest updates on markets
  • frequent pro analysis

One-On-One Mentorship

  • Skype/webinar sessions
  • personal assessment of your weekly progress
  • psychology coaching
  • One-on-one calls privately with myself to assist you with trading education
  • private access to my calendar to see my upcoming events and book time with me

Forex Vault

  • Recorded Webinars
  • Member Contributions
  • EA's And Custom Indicators
  • Access To My PDFS And All Other Trading Materials
  • Much More


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