New Mentorship

Ideal Experiance Level Requirements

The below levels are based on what content this mentor teaches, the bars below are based on what type of content this mentor will be teaching in their programs:

Therefore a student can be anywhere from a Novice to Expert to join this mentors programs (subject to changed based on mentor).

Why Mentor?

Many people ask that same question. Here at The Forex Family we all work together for one common goal.  This goal stretches beyond learning forex but also learning about yourself.

Forex is very hard. It requires focus and discipline in situations and areas most have never been subjected too.  Some of the best teachers are traders who have seen the ups and downs in forex.  

You don't have to be earning millions of dollars trading forex to be a mentor, nor do you have to be trading full time.  The key with mentoring is being able to convey thoughts and processes and deal with multiple types of personalities.

Empathy and understanding is a key component of mentorship.  Put yourself in the students shoes.  How did it feel when you first started out?  Always think about how the student feels..

Do have what it takes to be a FOREX MENTOR

Professional Mentorship


  • Access To Professional Traders
  • Chats/Telegram Style Channel
  • Like Minded Members
  • Fastest Response Rate
  • Quickest Updates On Markets
  • Frequent Pro Analysis

One-On-One Mentorship

  • One-On-One Calls Privately With Myself To Assist You With Trading Education
  • Private Access To My Calendar To See My Upcoming Events And Book Time With Me

Tier System

  • Heirarchy Of Skill Level, Students Will Be Mentored Accordingly
  • Test That Determines Students Skill Level

Forex Vault

  • Recorded Webinars
  • Member Contributions
  • EA's And Custom Indicators
  • Trading PDF's
  • Much More


  • View Previous Members Experiences And Results

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