Waqar's Mentorship

Ideal Experiance Level Requirements

The below levels are based on what content this mentor teaches, the bars below are based on what type of content this mentor will be teaching in their programs:

Therefore a student can be anywhere from a Novice to Expert to join this mentors programs (subject to changed based on mentor).

Program Outline

The program offered and aimed towards already experienced traders who wish to add a new edge to their trading style. I will hold classroom type webinars to make it interactive and engaging, psychology coaching, performance coaching. 1 on 1 sessions if necessary. A chat group for all the students to interact with each other, and also an analysis channel where i will engage learning and refinement of knowledge, so all students are encouraged to participate in order to keep everybody on the same level.

A shared drive will also be available for a library of resources to assist with learning. I help add confluence to price action trading in order to simplify the process which consequently will create a dynamic trading edge

Waqar - Forex Family Mentor

My name is Waqar also known on instagram as EMAs Don’t Work. I began trading in forex in June 2016, which is when i was exposed to EMAs. I was initially only swing trading with EMAs, which was great but i wanted to scalp and was told EMA’s are not great to scalp, so i went and tested a method of scalping with EMA’s with mixed results. Then i was introduced to the Forex Family who taught me price action. A fusion of price action with EMA’s enabled me to create a solid method of trading.


Professional Mentorship


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Forex Vault

  • Access To My Recorded Webinars
  • Access To My Private Written Books And Guides On How I Trade Personally
  • Member Contributions
  • Trading PDF's
  • Much More

One-On-One Mentorship

  • 1 On 1 Sessions With Me Every Week In A Live Webinar
  • Private Access To My Calendar To See My Upcoming Events And Book Time With Me


  • Chat Group With All My Students Including Me
  • Access To Professional Traders
  • Fastest Response Rate
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